Real Estate Pricing Evaluation

Sunday Jul 23rd, 2017


Darren Dunlop Sales Representative


Pricing Evaluation


The diagram below shows the segment of prospective purchasers who are likely to see your

property based upon the relationship of its asking price to its fair market value.



Asking Price in Relation To Fair Market Value                               % of Prospective

                                                                                            Purchasers who will view property


                          +10%                                                                              2%


                          +5%                                                                               30%


                 Fair Market Value                                                                   60%


                          -5%                                                                                80%


                         -10%                                                                               92%



These percentages are based upon a study conducted by a national marketing organization




If you want to have a cushion for negotiation, you must still have people to negotiate with. If

you over price your property, it is not likely to be shown. If your property is being shown, but

not sold, maybe it is being used to make other listings more attractive.

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